About The BlueMoon Rock Band

The BlueMoon Rock Band is made up of  bassist/vocals John Doyle, lead vocalist/ guitar Dodd Michael Lede, lead guitar/vocals Trevor Kendall, and drummer/vocals Scott Seather. They are all seasoned musicians with years of performance experience. Overall, they have at least three decades of experience as players in a rock band. They enjoy playing for pretty much all types of crowds in various venues.

The BlueMoon Rock Band has performed with other bands all over the cities of Houston and Galveston in Texas. The band has also established itself as an opening act band.

The members of the BlueMoon Rock Band are professional musicians who aim to give total satisfaction to their audience at all times. Their playlists cover all variants of rock music. They are versatile enough to take on power ballads, acoustic renditions, and the classic numbers.

The BlueMoon Rock Band is a full driving rock band that can play hard and loud. They also boast of an extensive repertoire which includes all variants of rock music - classic rock, alternative rock, and punk rock. They are also able to play rock-influenced blues music and some country tunes with rock inflections. 

It is also a testament to the BlueMoon Rock Band's versatility that they are just as comfortable when they go on mellow or acoustic mode for smaller crowds.

Last but not least, the band has also gained a reputation for pulling out all the stops in their shows. In fact, the BlueMoon Rock Band goes out of its way make sure that their performances are highlighted with lighting effects -
setting the mood for the audience to let loose and enjoy the music.